AOP Baux de Provence
Château Dalmeran 2020


A beautiful pure bled rosé, therefore fitted for gastronomy.

Bottles are shipped in units of 6, with a maximum of 36 bottles shipped per order.


Grape varieties : Grenache, Cinsault, Cabernet Sauvignon

Appearance : Pale, orange, a little bit salmony

Aroma : Fresh, lime and mint

Taste : Spices and raspberry

Finish : Lightly salty, pleasant acidity

ABV : 13 %

Serving temperature : 50-53° F

Pairing : Grilled fish, white meat or goat cheese

Meet the Winemaker

Château Dalmeran | Béatrice and Neil Joyce, Owners
Englishman Neil Joyce and his wife Beatrice are the proud owners of Dalmeran, based in the Alpilles region near Saint-Rémy. The vines–grenache, syrah, cabernet-sauvignon and cinsault–were planted over 25 years ago in a clay and limestone soil on the slopes of two valleys. The vineyard uses traditional cultivation techniques: no inorganic fertilisers, no herbicides, only a few organic compounds and constant working of the sun and sub-soil. Dalmeran White and Rose wines have been officialy classed as organic since 2011. The yields have been voluntary limited to under 3500 litres per hectare.

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