Brice de Monplanet discovered Provence in 1981 after his father was transferred to Aix en Provence. He fell in love with on this region, and later moved there with his wife Marion in 1997 and they haven’t left since.

During his childhood, Brice’s parents brought him the purest French tradition of food and wine. This led to his passion for wine which he loves to share with friends and the people he meets. 

After a business career of over 15 years in several international wine and spirit and food companies, Brice decided to pursue his dream to combine his passion with his work, thus born Planet Provence.

Trained in oenology in Montpellier Ludivinum School to perfect and epicurean at heart, Brice wants to convey his love for wine and Provence in a friendly and relaxed manner but also off the beaten track. 

He would be happy to welcome you to discover you his passion ! 

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