Visit to the vineyard Terres des Amoureuses

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Meeting and discovery of the vineyard Terres des Amoureuses with its owner Jean-Pierre Bedel and its winemaker Jean-Michel Novelle !

Nine cuvées revealing the very quintessence of the Ardèche terroir with consummate purity, incredible freshness and aromatic complexity.

These are high-end wines designed for gastronomic restaurants, the fruit of long and meticulous work on the vine and grapes, produced with know-how and creative genius in a state-of-the-art high-tech cellar.

Each cuvée of Terres des Amoureuses, whether finalized or in its formation process, will unveil its personality when the time is just right.

A first encounter with an exceptional range, not to be missed.

Discover soon this wonderful wine at Planet Provence guest house !

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